Informal pricelist

Service Price List

Informal Service Price List of the Association of Tourist Guides Split DTVS, Split, 2025

Service prices are expressed in euros €.
VAT is not included in the price.


Half-day excursion up to 6 hours 150.00 €
Full-day excursion 6 – 8 hours 180.00 €
Full-day excursion 8 – 10 hours 200.00 €
Full-day excursion 10 – 12 hours 220.00 €
Split tour (Diocletian's Palace) up to 2 hours 100.00 €
Panorama (Diocletian's Palace + visit to 1 museum or panoramic bus ride) up to 3 hours 120.00 €
Visit to 1 museum or gallery in Split up to 1 hour 60.00 €
Salona tour up to 2 hours 120.00 €
Trogir tour (if the guide and group are in Trogir) 100.00 €
Trogir tour (if the guide and group go from Split and return to Split) 150.00 €
Split and Trogir tour (including entrances to cathedrals or museums) 180.00 €
Salona - Trogir tour 180.00 €
Klis tour up to 1 hour 100.00 €
Split - Klis tour 200.00 €
Waiting service 1h 30.00 €
Circular tours (provided HB) 240.00 €
Transfer up to 2 hours 90.00 €
Hospitality desk up to 2 hours 90.00 €
Consecutive interpreting up to 1 hour 90.00 €
Each additional hour 75.00 €

WRITTEN TRANSLATION SERVICES – page 1800 characters with spaces:

from a foreign language to Croatian 15.00 €
from Croatian to a foreign language 20.00 €
from a foreign language to another foreign language 25.00 €

The price list applies from 01.01.2024.


  1. For guiding services for groups over 60 people, the agency is required to order 3 guides.
  2. For services performed:
    • On public holidays and holidays, the price increases by 25%.
    • For work at night between 10 PM and 6 AM, the price increases by 50%.
    • For accompanying or guiding VIP persons, the price increases by 50%.
  3. For guiding in two foreign languages, the price increases by 50%. The tourist guide is not required to guide in more than two foreign languages.
  4. Circular tours: Unless otherwise agreed, the guide hired by the agency for circular tours during the engagement is not required to provide local guiding services for locations for which they have permission.
  5. The tourist guide is required to wait for guests for at least 1 hour. If guests are late – unless otherwise agreed – after this time, the guide informs the client.
  6. If the guide came by call – and the service was subsequently canceled (city tour, panorama, or museum tour) – the guide is entitled to 100% compensation of the basic amount. The client can cancel the service up to 12 hours before the start of the tour.
  7. If it is a multi-day engagement of the guide, the client can cancel the service up to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, they are obliged to pay 30% of the fee for the planned amount.
  8. VAT is not included in the price.